Classic Life Insurance

Classic program is a combined life insurance which simultaneously provides you savings for the future and life insurance in the event of death, so that you can be sure that the members of your family will be taken care of in case of an uncalled-for situation. 

With the Classic program you save money for the more mature age and produce the capital which will make you feel more secure. The money you put aside and accumulate in the course of the years through this kind of savings will be paid out to you upon expiration of the insurance period in accordance with the insured sum. 

At the same time, your life is insured during the entire period.

In addition to Classic program, arrange supplementary insurance against occurrence of critical illness and accident insurance.



  • Age of the insured can range from 14 to 65
  • The contract can be concluded for at least 10 years but not more than 25 years
  • Minimal premium 300 € annualy

If the premium payment is realized  on the basis of standing order, by some of the commercial banks, the client is  acquitted of extra payment. Also, in this way, monthly payment is much more comfortable for the policyholder.



Insurance against surgical interventions

This insurance provides compensation for the cost of surgical interventions in the event of a disease that was not indicated before the contract was concluded, or in the event of an accident. You can contract it simultaneously with a life insurance contract and for the same period of time. If several surgical interventions occur during the period of the insurance, the compensation is paid for each of them, up to the amount of contracted sum insured.

Insurance against occurrence of critical illness 

Insurance against occurrence of critical illness can be concluded in addition to Classic program.

If any of the illnesses covered by this insurance is diagnosed*, the insured is paid out the insured sum which enables him/her the necessary medical treatment and coverage of potentially high costs.

This insurance also covers the necessary constant care.

The basic life insurance is not interrupted thereby; it is continued with the same insured sum.  

*Supplementary Insurance against occurrence of critical illness covers the following illnesses: malignant tumours, acute myocardial infarction, by-pass – coronary artery surgery, chronic kidney failure, vital organ transplantation, quadriplegia, cerebrovascular insult-stroke and complete blindness.  

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance can be concluded in addition to Classic Program. 

If the insured experiences an accident (traffic accident, injury at work, fall) which results in permanent disability, this supplementary insurance shall provide payment of the insured sum or part of the insured sum, depending on the disability degree, as well as hospital stay indemnity. 

Insurance in the event of sudden death

By contracting a sudden death insurance, the beneficiary gets a double insured sum if the insured event arises, or a triple sum insured if this supplementary insurance is contracted once more.



Man, age at entry 30 years, insurance period 25 years

Yearly premium

500 €

Monthly premium*

41,67 €

Insured sum**

13.746 €


Woman, age at entry 30 years, insurance period 25 years

Yearly premium

500 €

Monthly premium*

41,67 €

Insured sum**

13.988 €


* Monthly premium with agreed payment through a standing order
** The quoted insured sum will be increased by the accrued profit