Exemption from payment of premium in case of permanent disability 50% and more due to the consequences of an accident

Ability to insure - healthy persons from 14 to 65 years of age who belong to the category of non-risky occupations (soldiers, members of special police departments, dangerous occupations)

In an insured case, a person is considered to have a disability of 50% or more (hereinafter: disability) if:

• in addition to technical and medical aids, he temporarily or permanently needs the daily help of another person to perform basic tasks (getting up and going to bed, dressing and undressing, maintaining hygiene, taking meals and drinks, using the toilet, etc.).

• has temporarily or permanently at least one of the following disadvantages:

- has no ability to move, but completely depends on the other person

- no ability to orient (disorientation)

- has no ability to communicate (state of coma, complete loss of sense of sight, ie hearing or speech, psychotic states, etc.)

- completely deprived of working ability for all occupations


This permissible insurance can be contracted only with Flexi Benefit and 3D tariff.

When an accident occurs, the insurer will exempt the insurance policyholder from paying the insurance premium only for a period of disability of 50% and more.

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in effect.


Posebni uslovi za oslobađanje od premije usled invaliditeta 50% i više