Lifetime personal annuity with single payment

How many times have you said that the time is passing quickly?
As the years pass, our working ability and life energy, which we once had, is decreasing, and, once we enter retirement, our income we got are accustomed to will also reduce.

That is why we need to think in time and invest in our carefree future.


Annuity insurance with single payment is a life insurance product that will provide you with additional income in old age. Insurance fee is paid in the form of annuity on a monthly basis yet from the next month after the payment. Your health condition does not affect the premium and the amount of your personal annuity.


What do you get with this insurance?

  • Single payment of lifetime annuities will provide you with financial security in a form of regular monthly payments;
  • In addition, you can agree with the payment period over a number of years to be guaranteed - in case of death of the insured, the annuity shall be paid to the heirs up to the expiration of the guaranteed period;
  • Once a year, the profit earned during the previous year is also paid.




Male Female

Age of the insured

65 years

Guaranteed period

10 years

Single premium

20.000 €

20.000 €
Lifetime monthly annuity 109 € 100 €


Basic characteristics:

  • The persons from 14 to 75 years of age can be insured;
  • You choose yourself the annuity you will receive for the lifetime.
  • Monthly annuity can not be less than 50 EUR;
  • The funds are inheritable only until the expiration of the guaranteed period.