Malignant diseases

Think in due time and provide yourself with financial support when you need it the most.

Malignant diseases are one of the greatest health risks nowadays. In Montenegro, more than two thousand people get ill annually, and about 20 new cases of children with malignant diseases are registered.

When a person is diagnosed with a malignant disease, his family and his lifestyle are drastically changed. With Wiener Städtische Supplementary Insurance, you can provide yourself or your loved ones with the payment of a pre-contracted insured sum for the diagnosis of a malignant tumor at the insured, in a quick and easy manner, which will help the patient to:

  • Start the treatment on time,
  • pay medical expenses not covered by national health insurance,
  • organize and pay urgent medical treatments,
  • provide coverage of indirect costs incurred, such as frequent travel costs, costs of being absent from work and child care during the treatment
  • more easily change the way of life and lifestyle.


In a word, this product gives the insured and his family hope that even in the diagnosis, the treatment will be successful and they will eventually return to normal life.

The amount of sum insured in case of malignant tumor diagnosis can be up to € 30,000, and all healthy individuals aged 18 to 75 years can be insured. More information on the terms on the link.

An additional benefit of this program is that, with the insured, and without paying the additional premium, his children aged 3 to 18 years can be insured as well, with 30% of insured sum of the major insured for each registered child.

The supplementary individuals insurance from the occurrence of malignant diseases can be agreed in combination with some other savings program, or with a Risk program with a fixed insured sum.




Male Female


40 years

Sum insured

10.000 €

10.000 €
Annual premium 22,46  € 42,20 €
Monthly premium installment 1,87 € 3,52 €