Serious illness

Supplementary insurance is contracted for the same period of time as life insurance. Supplementary insurance can be subsequently contracted or excluded, only on the day of the beginning of the new year of life insurance.

The sum insured on the basis of supplementary insurance cannot be higher than the sum insured from life insurance, ie it is contracted up to the agreed sum insured for life insurance. In the case of subsequent contracting of supplementary insurance, the policyholder submits a completed application for subsequent contracting of supplementary insurance on the insurer's form.


The insured case is considered to be a serious illness that occurs for the first time during the insurance period, ie if according to the existing medical documentation it can be established without a doubt that the insured did not suffer from this disease before concluding the insurance contract.

Diseases covered by this supplementary insurance are: malignant tumors, acute myocardial infarction, bypass - coronary artery surgery, chronic kidney failure, organ transplantation, quadriplegia, cerebrovascular stroke and complete blindness.

In addition to these diseases, the insurance also covers the necessary permanent care. It is considered that a person needs permanent care if, due to illness, he needs the daily help of another person to perform at least four of the following activities:

- getting up and going to bed

- dressing and undressing,

- washing, combing, shaving,

- eating and drinking,

- urination and stool.


Insured persons can be healthy persons from 19 to 75 years of age.

Persons who are not completely healthy or whose working capacity is reduced due to illness can be insured with an increase in the premium defined by the Special Conditions for Insuring Increased Risks.

Persons completely deprived of legal capacity cannot be insured



Upon occurrence of the insured event, ie diagnosis of some of the diseases covered by supplementary insurance against serious diseases, the insured is immediately paid the contracted sum insured in full or in part, which enables coverage of potentially large costs incurred due to treatment.

This does not interrupt the basic life insurance, which lasts and has an unchanged sum insured.


Supplementary insurance against the occurrence of serious diseases can also be concluded with the already existing life insurance. This insurance cannot be contracted with life insurance only in case of death of the insured with declining sum insured.

Gender Male
Age of the insured person: 30 years
Insurance duration: 20 years
Annual premium: 42,30 EUR
Sum insured: 10.142,52 EUR


Gender Female
Age of the insured person: 30 years
Insurance duration: 20 years
Annual premium: 41,08 EUR
Sum insured: 10.249,34 EUR

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in effect.


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