Surgical intervension

In addition to Flexi Benefit, Classic, Futura, 3D program and Micro Standard, it is possible to take out additional insurance in case of surgical interventions.

In accordance with your need to further protect your health, we have enriched our offer with new supplementary insurance. One policy covers the costs of several different surgical interventions - surgery due to illness or accident.

The insured event is considered to be surgical interventions performed on the insured as a result of illness or accident, during the insurance coverage, and which were not indicated before the start of the insurance coverage.

This insurance provides reimbursement of the costs of surgical interventions in the event of an illness that was not indicated before the conclusion of the contract, or in the event of an accident. You can contract it at the same time as the life insurance contract and for the same period of time. If several surgical interventions occur during the insurance period, the compensation is paid for each of them, up to the agreed sum insured, up to a maximum of EUR 10,000.

Surgical interventions covered by this supplementary insurance can be found in the Classification of Surgical Interventions, which is an integral part of the Insurance Conditions.

Gender: Male
Age of the insured person: 35 years
Insurance duration: 20 years
Annual premium: 44,10 EUR
Sum insured: 10.000,00 EUR


Gender: Female
Age of the insured person: 30 years
Insurance duration: 20 years
Annual premium: 41,08 EUR
Sum insured: 10.249,34 EUR

Persons aged 14 to 65 may be insured, provided that the age of the insured at the time of expiry of the insurance may not exceed 75 years;

- Persons who are not completely healthy or whose working capacity is impaired can be insured according to the Special Conditions for Insuring Increased Risks;

- Persons completely deprived of legal capacity cannot be insured.

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in effect.

 Posebni uslovi za dopunsko osiguranje lica za slučaj hirurških intervencija